Current books:

[Book Cover] Here Am I, Lord—Please Send Someone Else! by Cynthia A. Allan.
A single mother's call to the mission field—whether she's ready or not!
2nd edition (Sept 3, 2016), 252 pages.

[Book Cover] Flying, by C. Scott Ananian.
A 10-minute play about relationships lost and found.
12 pages.

[Book Cover] Red Sky, by C. Scott Ananian.
A pair of sane (or are they insane?) men on Earth (or is it Mars?) muse about the books which brought them to their current place. A 10-minute play.
11 pages.

Coming soon:

The Last Square Rigger, by Percy Lasky.
An exciting account of life aboard the last great sailing ships.

Sumatra and other plays
A collection of one-acts and short plays.

Music for Square Dancing:

AE001: Tessie
The rallying cry of the 1903 Red Sox, arranged as a square dance singing call. Reverse progression asymmetric Plus singer; challenging choreography.
AE002: Take Me Out To The Ballgame
We sing the choruses at the ballpark, but it's easy to forget that this summertime song has verses, too. Plus singer showcasing the verses.
AE003: Rocky Top
Challenging C1 singer exercising "top" choreography on ol' Rocky Top.
AE004: L-Y / Silent E
Tom Lehrer medley: the "L-Y" song with "Silent E" as a middle break. Both songs are from The Electric Company. Challenging Plus choreography: dancers are asked to do several calls "Careful-L-Y" and in the middle break "as couples" takes the place of "silent E".